Mini Raven Warriors

As seen in TFOR's CMMS

Mini Raven Warriors

Ever wanted a miniature warrior as shown on CBBC's Raven? Well now you can!!! Just fill out the form and get your own mini warrior, each with its own emblem and features. Also, help yourselves to miniature versions of Raven, Nevar, demons and more!!! Remember to give credit though.


UPDATE (6th February 2013) - Just to let you know the website URL has been changed. Since the domain expired, and I'm unable to renew it, the new website address is 


Mini warriors debuted on the Raven Forum on 3rd July 2008. Soon they became a big hit on the forum, as many members added them to their signatures. Exactly a year later the V2 versions were released, along with CMMS-exclusive emblems Snowflake and Lightning. There is also the bonus Fire/Flame warrior, which can only be gained for every 25 requests.

V3 warriors were released on 21st May 2010, at the time these were exclusive to members of The Force of Raven (TFOR). They soon became very popular on the forum. These new designs included an optional standard, and were based on the warrior costumes in Series 9 and 10. Because certain warriors' outfits had several designs in those series, the Wave/Water had a choice between 3 styles, and Tree had a choice of 2.

V2.5 warriors, based on Series 8, were released on 3rd July 2010. Like the V1 and V2 styles, they are available to all.

As of 3rd July 2011, V3 warriors are available for all to order. Also V4 warriors (based on a combination of the past 4 mini warrior styles) were released, these will be TFOR-exclusive. Warriors with standards are also TFOR-exclusive, no matter what version the warrior is. 

The warriors made their debut in the Computer-Modelled Members' Series in March 2009 for The Dragon's Eye series, and have appeared in every series since. Series 5 and 6 featured V1 styles, Raven: The Frozen Palace (an original spinoff) featured eskimo-like outfits, Series 7 featured V2 styles, and Series 8 used V2.5. A second original spinoff called Raven: The Sorcerer's Valley took place in 2011, with slightly different warrior outfits. Series 9 and 10 use V3 warriors, while Series 11 uses the new Elite style.  

Warriors Through the Ages

All based off of Raven Forum member Tom

(no particular style, but could be based on Series 4-6 style - Released 3rd July 2008)
V2 (Series 7 style - Released 3rd July 2009)

V2.5 (Series 8 style - Released 3rd July 2010)

V3 (Series 9-10 style - Released 21st May 2010). Also these were the first to include standards.

V4 (No particular style, based on previous versions - Released 3rd July 2011. Exclusive to TFOR members)

Elite (No particular style - Released February 2015) 


Special Warriors

As well as the emblem/spinoff team warriors I have made some special warriors, all of which can be ordered with or without the helmets:
Way of the Warrior Costumes, Warrior's Race Costumes 


As well as warriors, I have also made Raven smileys!  Feel free to help yourself to them