Mini Raven Warriors

As seen in TFOR's CMMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions people have asked me about the warriors:

How do you make the warriors?
I use Easy GIF Animator. The trial version can be downloaded here and the full version can be bought for £80.

What do you mean by V1, V2, etc.?
V1 was the first style developed, and these warriors are not particularly based on any Raven series, but they could be based on series 5 and 6. V2 warriors are based on series 7, V2.5 on series 8, and V3 on series 9/10.

Why are there extra emblems (Lightning, Snowflake, etc.) and how can I get one of them?
The Lightning (in purple) and Snowflake (in light blue) emblems were created for series 4 of the Computer Modelled Members' Series (CMMS) as that series used 8 warriors per week and 2 extra emblems were needed. Snowflake and Lightning warriors can be ordered via the order form in V1, V2 or V2.5 style.

There are also Fire/Flame warriors (in orange) which cannot be ordered from the site. These come free with every 25th request. As with Snowflake and Lightning, they are also available in V1, V2 and V2.5 style.

How do I get a Staff of Power?
Sadly, these are not available to order; they can only be won in CMMS. First-placed warriors gain a gold staff, second place silver and third place bronze.

How do I get a V3 warrior?
Once again they cannot be ordered from here. The only way to get one is to join The Force of Raven (TFOR). As a member, your warrior will be available in several colour schemes (two for Wave/Water and three for Tree) based on the series 9/10 outfits, and will also include an optional standard. The V3s are just one advantage of being a member of TFOR, so why not join today!

Can non-V3s have standards?
Sadly no. The standards are one of the main things that makes the V3s TFOR-exclusive.